Monday, July 16, 2007

Beta is released! Feedback please

Inviting you all to beta test
We really appreciate your feedback to make better..
Please leave comments



Blogger Parkylondon said...

I'd like to drag and drop website/pages to reorder them, delete them (by dragging off) and add them by draggin on from the location bar.

I'd like to add new tabs like in protopage to better split the website.

I'd like to add categories.

That's my starter for ten!


July 18, 2007 7:12 AM  
Blogger Parkylondon said...

I'd like to resize the web pages so that, for example, the more important pages take up more real estate and vice versa.

They should be dynamic and update accordingly

July 18, 2007 7:14 AM  
Blogger ThunderChuck said...

Great looking site and I can't wait to try it.

One problem: I just don't like creating accounts with sites that don't have a clear privacy policy.

Even a "We Don't Spam" pledge on the account creation page is good enough (for me, at least).

July 18, 2007 7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Excellent site. My only request is that links open in new windows. At least this should be a preference option. In my case Firefox automatically opens tabs for new windows, making this a great feature.


July 18, 2007 7:33 AM  
Anonymous Mike Smith said...

The best thing I have seen on the web for a long time. So simple (to use), but so powerful.

Great, great, great!

July 18, 2007 7:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I may be an ant fu***r, but I noticed spelling error on the Tour page:

Automatic Snapshot

Start Building your favourite links by clicking on add new links. Only2Clicks generates snapshot of the website for you automatically. Uploading Image is simply optional.

July 18, 2007 7:57 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Beta indeed - it looks nice, and I love the concept, but everything keeps disappearing and changing - and I can't even delete one of my entries!

Try again - it's still a good idea.

July 18, 2007 9:37 AM  
Anonymous kevyn williams said...

1. I noticed that when you add too many tabs, the tabs start on the next line below, but then they push the preiview boxes across which looks a bit weird. It would be great to have the tab line made wider (for those with widescreens!) or make it look better on the second line, without pushing out a preview window.

2. It would be great to see drag and drop added.

3. if this could integrate with foxmarks/normal bookmarks, to creat new tabs from folders, and automatically add all the bookmarks inside that folder, inside the tab.

looks like a great start!

July 19, 2007 2:40 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

This post has been removed by the author.

July 19, 2007 6:34 AM  
Blogger Brian said...

Excellent idea for a site! I've been looking for something as simple as this for a while. I seem to be have a problem... whenever I make a new tab it won't let me add pages to it. Also, I think it might be a little too simple right now, but that's completely understandable; you are in beta still. :)

July 19, 2007 6:35 AM  
Blogger Yazan said...

This is such a great idea, i love it !

A feature to consider: importing a bookmarks.html file that will take in links and place them in categories as per folder ?

July 19, 2007 9:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't see screenshots on my links at all. Even when I edit a link, it dosen't give me the option to browse for an image or get it from the homepage. Any ideas?

July 19, 2007 1:21 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

The tabs now work wonderfully! I did notice there's still a problem when they wrap to the next line. I simply made my Category names shorter, so they wouldn't wrap. But, yah, it's still saying that there's an error whenever trying to add a site to the tabs on the second line. Thanks for fixing the tabs so quickly!

July 19, 2007 10:11 PM  
Blogger Yazan said...

another feature i would like to see is the ability to later the default behaviour of clicking on links: open in same tab or new tab

July 20, 2007 12:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So far so good. I really like this app. I have experienced some wrong links be posted, but easily fixed by deleting and repeating.

A question: In the future will it be possible to have multiple customizable tabs other than home and shopping?

July 20, 2007 8:04 AM  
Blogger John said...

No images. The pages are completely without previews for the website. All tabs. I'm using Firefox I noticed that the previews _do_ display under IE7. My platform is Windows Vista Home Ultimate, 2GB RAM, Gateway Laptop. Any help is appreciated.


July 20, 2007 7:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

when i use drag and drop and reorder the windows, and go back to normal, the order changes back. we should be able to save the order of windows

July 22, 2007 4:48 AM  
Anonymous J said...

It would be cool to be able to move pages/links to a different tab, instead of deleting then readding on another tab.

This would be especially useful as I add more links. When I started, I only had a couple of "Money" links. Now, I have enough to fill a tab...

July 22, 2007 3:08 PM  
Anonymous J said...

Also, it would be nice to have the "picture" of the page be different from the actual URL. For example, if I had a page that had a plain login page, I might want the "picture" to point to the main page.

This would be helpful for things like some webmail clients that do not have enough detail to be distinguishable from others, and even pages that do not/might not render correctly with SnapShot's engine...

(It might be important to note if the URL is different from the pic, with a diagonal blue line or something...)

July 22, 2007 3:13 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how about having a CoverFlow interface for going through / flipping through the images of the websites.

July 22, 2007 10:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Spacing on the top of the page should be setup for 2 rows.

I like it...


July 23, 2007 8:55 PM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

J, Yazan, Quinton and Martin, thanks for your feedback. You can now set the links behavior from profile page

July 24, 2007 1:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I had no problem with the site... But there's a few features missing : a browser-button to post the current page in Only2click, a sign-out option (well, I wouldn't use it now but maybe some day...), a preview size customizer, a preload of every tabs...

It's a good work !

July 24, 2007 6:10 AM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

On the top right corner there is a link "change user" It does the same thing as sign-out.

July 24, 2007 7:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Whenever I use the drag-and-drop interface to arrange the order of websites, as soon as I finish moving one, it directs me to that site. When I try to navigate back, all of the sites are back to their default locations. Why not allow users to arrange them in any order?

July 24, 2007 7:35 AM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

Drag and drop is nearly finished, You could expect it very soon

July 24, 2007 9:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wonderful site! This is what I have been looking for. Please keep this simple and don't bloat with features found in other sites.

Would like to see more options for formating the page. For example, headers, lines, title bars and such. All to help organize the links.

Keep up the great work!

July 24, 2007 10:46 AM  
Blogger BoXXXer said...

More customization options such snapshots size,diferent templates. I know it's hard to code all by yourself, but with time can be a next step or beta...

Thanks for your valuable work

July 25, 2007 3:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just removed all sites from the "Home" tab to add my own and I now get : You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1 everytime I try to add a new site.....any ideas ?

July 25, 2007 6:01 AM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

It might have been when we were doing a maintenance work. Try again, It should be fine.

July 25, 2007 6:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This is a winner! You guys are going to do very well with this. Great implementation on a much needed tool!

Only one issue noted (I signed up a few minutes ago).

1. [A-Z] Issue:
When adding a link, the [A-Z] option does not work properly. If I use a lowercase letter (a-z), it appears after all upper case letters (A-Z).

From now on, I'll use lower-case letters for all names but since this is being targetted to the "masses", it should be fixed.

Other important issues:

1. I agree with the user who mentioned your privacy policy. Even among newbies, this is important. Aside from "No Spam", will this site in any way be building User Profiles (based on links) to sell to advertisers? If no, this should also be stated clearly in the Privacy Policy section.

July 25, 2007 9:11 AM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

Our Privacy Policy can be found here
Or when you are creating new account.

July 25, 2007 10:13 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I know the system isn't setup for displaying local pages, just wanted to point the following out. The links on URLs like these:

Opera local format - file://localhost/C:/path/index.htm

Firefox local format: file:///localhost/C:/path/index.htm

Do not work at all (using Opera).

Maybe as a feature request, in the area where new links are added - there can be a checkbox that tells the system it's a local file. Image capture would be turned off in these cases (or defaulted to a standard image).

July 25, 2007 11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like the new drag and drop feature. Not to be too picky, but it would be even more cool if you could drag the links into different tabs. Currently when you make a link it seems to be stuck in the tab it was created.

Craig N

July 25, 2007 11:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

How about a Firefox Extension to "add site to Only2Clicks" ---so I can easily add whatever site I'm on to my Only2Clicks page.

July 26, 2007 10:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would like to see the following features:

1) dynamic support up to 1920 x 1080 (using 1080p hdtv) {yielding 3 additional columns}

2) thumbnail size options (small, med, large at least, slider pref)

3) highlight thumbnail border / page with color on mouseover for selection clarity

4) rating star system for each thumbnail

5) be able to share tab(s) with other member(s)

6) lock option - so thumbnails do not get drag and dropped accidently

7) be able to drag an http address entry from any browser into any tab and rename as necessary.

cheers !!!! I hope this helps !!!!

~ Daniel

July 26, 2007 11:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, it's a very good idea but I have a very strange problem with only2clicks. So, when I create account and trying to open my personal page - the internet connection is broken and my ADSL-modem is make reboot. I tried it in Windows and Linux, Opera and Firefox - the result is one only: I loosing my internet connection.

I don't understand the reasons, I thought earlier what that is impossible.

Ilya Shpan'kov, Russia

July 27, 2007 2:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a little problem : the site doesn't support long password (limited to 10 chars)...

July 28, 2007 5:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

When new/starting - adding URLS is too slow of a process.

How about an "Add URLS" form - where I can enter multiple Names/URLs. Then Submit will create those links.


July 28, 2007 8:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great tool!
How about adding a function where one can all my links to a text file or something like that?

A backup is always good!

July 29, 2007 9:25 AM  
Anonymous NEWS-HELP-FAQ-ETC said...

Please consider adding a menu item such as "Help, FAQ, News, etc."

List the new features you are working on, and those you are considering.
Also - you might add a "Poll" feature to let users vote on the priority of new features, or perhaps the layout or appearance (during your development process). Thanks

July 30, 2007 7:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Odd bug while using Opera's password manager...

When I access and using Opera via your links (automatically open in new tab/window), the built-in password manager (wand) does not work. I have to reload the Yahoo and Gmail pages in order to get Opera's password manager to recognize the site (and load my list of username/passwords).

I hope you guys are familiar with and also test Opera but in case you're not, some additional info...

On Yahoo/Google, I maintain a couple of accounts (biz/personal). When I access the login pages, Opera's wand highlights (informing me that I saved user/pass info). I click on the wand and a popUp box opens up. I click on the name and it automatcally enters my login info.

The wand is not highlighting when I access these two sites via your links and will only do so after I reload the Yahoo/Gmail pages. I also tested hotmail ( No issues with this third one. Thanks.

July 30, 2007 9:16 AM  
Anonymous Lynda said...

Sir, You REALLY need to edit your site. Numerous errors turned me off. No disrespect intended, only trying to be helpful.

July 31, 2007 1:25 PM  
Blogger B said...

The header colors (Red Text on Black background) can be very difficult to read - if (like me) you have not so great vision. White text, or any other bright color would help.

July 31, 2007 3:03 PM  
Blogger Brian said...

I just came across an idea while surfing... I know you've got a lot to work on right now, but maybe you could put in the ideas list for future upgrades: I think it would be cool to have a "Search" tab that would simply have search boxes from whatever websites you want. For instance, when you click on the "Search" tab it would have a search box for Google,, and Wikipedia. I just think it would add to the whole "only 2 clicks" idea; it would be a faster way to search a specific site or search engine.

July 31, 2007 7:32 PM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

Excellent idea Brian!
We'll see if we could develop it in 2 clicks :)

August 1, 2007 10:38 PM  
Blogger Daniel said...

Hi Guys!

Don't know if this has been said but I think a form of very simple RSS feeds would be nice. I have a page for webcomics and blogs and it would be nice if, when I click on a button for example, an expanding box would show the RSS feed. That way I could see if it has been updated quickly.

Great job by the way, I'm having lots of fun with this!


August 5, 2007 9:21 AM  
Blogger Rubens said...

cara, você devia checar qual é o browser que ta sendo utilizado para exibir ou não a aquela frase de arrastar o home button pq no meu Safari isso não rola.

August 6, 2007 12:31 PM  
Blogger Brian Hawkins said...

Some of my pages are randomly disappearing. Just thought I'd give you the head's up. I've used both Firefox and IE7 if that makes any difference.

August 9, 2007 6:53 AM  
Anonymous Lars said...

Some sort of Java script you can add to your FF and IE bookmark, so when you click it, it asks if you want to bookmark the site you are viewing to your only2clicks account :)

- Lars

August 11, 2007 6:16 AM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

Once you've logged in. On the top right corner says "Make Only2Clicks your homepage" if you are on IE, simply click on it
or if you are using FF simply drag the link to the home icon.

August 13, 2007 1:58 AM  
Blogger Earl said...

I have only had 2clicks for a short time. i really love it so far.
Its the best start page Ive ever had.
Keep up the great work.

August 14, 2007 3:06 AM  
Blogger Brian Hawkins said...

I think Lars was asking for a bookmarklet that would let you add pages to your only2clicks page from anywhere on the net. Say you're on a site you realize you like a lot. You simply click on a bookmark on your bookmarks toolbar that takes you to the add page on only2clicks with the info already added. Or it gives you the option of what tab to add it to. Or both. :) I'm pretty sure this would require JavaScript from other bookmarklets I've seen.

August 14, 2007 9:14 PM  
Blogger Nathan said...

I'd like to be able to drag and drop pages from one category to another. I'd like to be able to view friends home pages and let them see mine.

Thanks and great work !


August 16, 2007 8:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...




August 17, 2007 12:05 PM  
Blogger Romeo said...

I must say that it's a comfortable and only start page for me. It's not only convenient, it's innovative.

August 24, 2007 6:23 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this service. Any idea tho in the last couple of days why I'm getting a 403 (You do not have permission to access the add/edit link php on this server) when trying to add a page, even though I am logged in? LB

August 24, 2007 3:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very nice! Thanks for working on this. One thing I would like to see, is a way to move links to another tab. I think this will become very important as pages start building up and new categories are added!

August 28, 2007 8:05 AM  
Blogger Kevin said...


August 28, 2007 12:39 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'd like to see an option for the links to open in a separate window.

August 28, 2007 8:04 PM  
Anonymous Diego said...

Very handy and easy to use. A zoom function (decide for yourself how many sites you can display on your screen) would be handy.

It works finne with IE, Avant borwser, Opera but with Firefox I have a problem. On my laptop it goes well, on my main computer the thumbnails are not vidible, only the title and the gridlines. (and also your homepage is also not displayed well in Firefox.

August 29, 2007 2:17 AM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

Click on your profile on the top left corner to change link preference to open in new window/tab.

August 29, 2007 3:03 AM  
Blogger tgpo said...

I'd like to be able to move website links from one category to another. I recently added a link under the wrong category and found that I had to delete it, go to the correct category and re-add it. Moving would be so much easier.

August 29, 2007 10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it.

What about having the options to import your existing bookmarks instead of manually entering them one-by-one?

August 29, 2007 1:53 PM  
Blogger Chirag said...

Wouldn't it be great if the screenshots were updated daily? or every certain interval?

moreover, a zoom in of that screenshot upon hovering over the picture would make this even better. Still, this is a great service, I LOVE IT

August 29, 2007 2:15 PM  
Anonymous GlennR said...

The pictures are superfluous at best, and much too large. Displaying the favicon would be a lot more economical, space-wise, and a lot more recognizable. Cool idea though, seems to work well.

August 29, 2007 9:27 PM  
Blogger Jo Anne said...

I have the account originally on my laptop. When I try to sign in on my desktop, with my correct address and password, it tells me there's an error. When I try to 'create' a new account, it tells me that there's already an account with that name. I know, me!

Got an answer?

August 30, 2007 3:36 PM  
Blogger Ethan Dickenson said...

I'm using Firefox (latest version) and when I drag the 'home' icon on your page to my 'home' icon on my browser, it only stored the little picture .png of the house as the home page. So when I tried to pull up my home page it showed only that little picture.

Problem #2 is that when I pulled up your site, all the pages I saved Yesterday are gone today! Bummer...

Problem #3 this is really an opinion... When you add a site, I don't think it helps at all that you start filling it out with 'http://www.' everyone just has to erase that text after they paste the website they want into it. I can add a page by dragging the tab down to the 'add site' box, but that may be a function of a Firefox extension dragdropupload.

You've got a tiger by the tail with this site. I think you should really pump some money into it and hire someone to polish it off or users are going to get tired of these little gotcha's. It is a beta period but you were mentioned in PC Week's 100 most under appreciated web sites and that should drive a lot of people to your site very quickly.

I wrote an article on your site on my blog. I did mention that the 2 firefox extensions 'showcase' and 'speed dial' were the original ideas. I don't know if you are the same person or not but the web site is a much more functional idea and could be a much better tool than the Firefox extensions. I think you should get the site really polished so users don't come and then leave because we are all coming now and if we leave, I'm sure, someone else will come up with a site that will accomplish the same thing and you will have lost your market. Just my opinion...

Ethan Dickenson, Author, Today's 'Best of Breed'
~~~~~A suite of freeware for Windows~~~~~

August 31, 2007 7:23 AM  
Blogger Lunatic_Medley said...

i like it. im an information junkie. a pack rat. this is very convenient for me. i use to store website links on my email inbox. this website compiles it in one spot that idont have to open my fave websites one email attachment at a time

i know there are add to fave links but i dont have my own pc, see?

September 1, 2007 3:43 AM  
Blogger Lunatic_Medley said...

i like this place. i am an info addict and a pack rat. i used to store my fave email site on my email. and the hassle of it annoys me...this is convenient, fast, easy to use, good mass appeal and i really love it. i really really do.

September 1, 2007 3:44 AM  
Blogger historian said...

How can I delete an obsolete site once I've added it?

September 4, 2007 8:39 AM  
Blogger Guy said...

Nice app. I use it all the time now & have it as my home page.

What I'd like to be able to do is to drag a link into another page, or to have a "Display in Page" dropdown box in the edit window.

September 5, 2007 8:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great site ya'll! I would like to make one suggestion: Can you please make a basic 'export' function that would send a dump of all the links in one's account to a text/html file?

This way, users could feel comfortable throwing ALL of their bookmarks onto your site without having to worry about the site crashing, or going under (etc) since we would have a way to have a *backup copy* of all of the links.

Thanks again for such a great service!

September 9, 2007 10:14 AM  
Blogger Jonathan said...

I've been using this happily for a couple of weeks. But why have 14 out of my 16 saved sites suddenly disappeared? Will they reappear?

September 11, 2007 7:05 AM  
Blogger David said...

Where is the homepage file store so that it can be reinstated. For some reason I am shut out of the program, and am unable to even reistall the prgram. It does not recognize my password, and the program does not even respond to my "forget your details?" request.
Disappointing after a good start.

September 12, 2007 11:57 AM  
Blogger sharondp said...

I use Opera a lot and I'm used to the speed dial but this is much better!
Just one thing that irks me,I can't stay logged in!

September 12, 2007 2:08 PM  
Blogger Bob said...

Help (I don't know if this is the place but here goes).

I created an account and blissfully went about putting together a number of pages with my favorite sites. I enjoyed using the service on my desktop machine for the past week or so. I then decided to access the servicw from my laptop, but got a "login error". After a few tries, to make sure I hadn't simply forgotten my password, I requested that my registration info be sent to me by email. A few days later, i have not received anything.

Back to the desktop machine: no problem. But then, being an experimentor, I decided to see if I could login on my notebook if I logged off the desktop. To be certain that I really knew my password, I created a new one. Then I logged off the desktop and tried to log on to the notebook. No luck. But even worse, I could not log back on to the desktop.

So I have a great set of pages and can no longer use only2clicks to access them. As I said, "HELP!"

My contact info is bobwillard AT worldnet dot att dot net and that is the identifier I created my account with. Thanks. -Bob

September 29, 2007 1:57 PM  
Anonymous Paul said...

I have a "You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1"

Error message whenever I try to create a new link in a new category...

October 10, 2007 1:16 AM  
Anonymous <a href="">cheap hotels motels orlando a</a> said...

actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.

October 26, 2007 12:33 PM  
Anonymous name said...

Hello all!

October 27, 2007 12:13 PM  
Anonymous <a href="">ringtones</a> said...

actually, that's brilliant. Thank you. I'm going to pass that on to a couple of people.

October 30, 2007 2:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It would be very useful to import bookmarks from firefox and iexplorer

October 31, 2007 11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im/Exporting them to Firefox would indeed be really a very usefull feature!!

November 3, 2007 8:11 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Help. I deleted all cookies and now I don't remember my login info. i signed up with a hotmail account and Only2Clicks claims to have sent me the info but I never got it.

November 28, 2007 2:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am now asked for login info, and cannot find my password anywhere, including in the activation e-mail I received upon signing up. If I register again for a new account, I will lose all my saved pages, and I don't want to go through that again.

I am surprised that there appears to be no "Forget your password ?" service for such cases.

Despite liking this service, I now have to return to my former home page.

January 2, 2008 5:05 AM  
Blogger only2clicks said...

Once you've entered wrong password the system asked if you would like to retrieve password through email.
I've made small changes on the homepage to make this more obvious.

January 2, 2008 8:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

we're off to a great start...
two recommendations from me right now (more to follow)

1) use URL for pic upload
2) add scroll bar (frames?) when quantity of links exceed one page. Necessary so that tabs are always visible...

April 2, 2008 3:29 PM  
Blogger gas said...

Does it work on a Mac with Safari?


April 14, 2008 8:28 AM  
Anonymous Aj said...

Site is great.Drag and drop feature would awesome:-) . Some pointers :-

1. Grey colored text on a gree screen difficult to read.
2. If it could open the website on the same screen like small thumbnails and on clicking on it would zoom and we can work on it again, that would be actually amaising, so that we don't have to shuffle between different windows.

April 20, 2008 10:03 AM  
Blogger alasu said...


iam Raj Kumar im using only2clicks since 5 months
right now i cant see my previous web address how can saw the old data pls help me
Thank you

May 4, 2008 11:08 AM  
Blogger Hiberbia said...

Hi John from Brasil here, just love your site. it's my home page and for all my students too. I'm having a problem with notes, the yellow post-its. They won't open, is there a solution for this problem?

August 19, 2008 10:26 AM  
Blogger beau of all trades said...

the lock option would be great, or an edit mode and a non-edit mode. several times i've accidentally Moved a link from one tab to another just because i ran the mouse over it and tried to click on what i thought was the link, but was coincidentally a menu option.

thanks... use this everyday!

February 19, 2009 5:12 PM  
Anonymous Steve said...

Sub folders please. I'm building up a massive collection of categories and really need to group some within others. I really think this would make only2clicks the best application to use. I reckon you'll lose a lot of people eventually if you don't implement this.

October 1, 2009 12:40 AM  
Blogger Scott Mitchell said...

I love the site but there is a problem if there are 2 dashes or hyphens (--) in the web site name.

November 2, 2009 1:12 PM  
Blogger ali said...

its great website i love it but i think if we can check who share his page it would be great that we can have great library of sites i'd like to have this feature here
i already did some search on my own and get some pages here

December 15, 2009 4:46 PM  

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