Saturday, June 20, 2009

IE8 drag n drop problem fixed

According to my stat, around 35% only2clicks users are using Internet Explorer and 25% of that is now using Internet Explorer 8. With Microsoft pushing browser update through windows update this is obviously not a good news.

We have discovered that drag and drop wasn't working properly in IE8, It was OK in all other browser, but now I can confirm it has been fixed.

We have now moved to the new javascript engine which I will introduce some cool new feature very soon.

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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Featuring in YouTube

Thanks for PCtechtips for making a quick review of only2clicks.
You can watch the video below:

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

iPhone home icons

Hi Folks,
If you are using iPhone or iPod touch, you can now have proper Home icon. We also added automatic iPhone detection, when you navigate to you will be automatically forwarded to iPhone version

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Google Friend Connect Social Bar

At the bottom of your page, you're going to see a new bar. It's a Google Friend Connect Social Bar allowing you to interact with other Only2Clicks member using your Google, Yahoo, Open id, or AIM account.
Give it a try and drop us a line. You can decide whether this brand new cool feature is here to stay, make it optional or it's a complete waste of time.

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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

New 'Light' Design

Recently, speed has been a major issue with majority users. Once your page grew with more than 100 links it takes a while to load. Personally I tried to maintain maximum 12 links per page, but it may be difficult for some users who has hundreds of imported links per category.

What do you think of this new radical 'light' design for Only2Clicks:
  • Display thumbs only for the top 6 links per category
  • Vertical Category instead of Horizontal tabs - allowing more categories can be created without messing up with layout.
  • Text only for the rest of the links
Feedback anyone ?

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Create your own skin

Ever wonder what is "Custom" under the Skin drop-down menu is for?
You can now create your own CSS file and use it with Only2Clicks.

1. Go to Profile Page where you can download or view sample CSS file:

2. Download and save the file to your local computer.
3. Edit the file, you can simply use notepad or text pad to edit it

Say for example you want to change the background image,
Simply change the background-image url to use another jpg file.

body {
font-family: Arial, Verdana, sans-serif;
color: #666666;
font-size: 11px;
/* To change background image simply replace URL below with background image */
background-image: url(;

on this example above I am using a wallpaper image from

4. Save your file as *.CSS file
5. Upload your custom stylesheet file back from 'profile' page.
6. Switch to 'CUSTOM SKIN' from the skin drop down.

Good luck! and enjoy

btw, once you've done it, why not share it with other users by making comments on this blog and send the screenshot to only2clicks(at)

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Force Update Thumbnail

Problem with the snap shot isn't generated properly? Perhaps there has been some delay due the high-demand? You can now force web-thumbnail to be updated simply by clicking "Force Update Thumbnail" in edit page.


Sunday, February 17, 2008

Thumbs are back!

Hi Folks,
It's worth the wait, Thumbnails are back !
Please be patient when thumbnails are slowly re-generated when you open your page for the first time. We are going to add new feature allowing you to manualy refresh your thumbnails.


Thursday, February 7, 2008


Yes folks! Only2clicks skins is here. Some of you have seen the NOIR skin but you can now select it from the skin link. It's AJAX powered too.. notice the page isn't even refreshed when you select a new skin. More skins will be available soon and watch this space for instruction how you can create your own only2clicks skin.

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Wednesday, January 2, 2008

iPhone interface as Opera side panel

What a brilliant idea!
Don't you know that only2clicks' iphone interface makes an excellent opera side panel?
Thanks to Alex for sharing his idea.

Opera users you can go to "Tools > Appearance"
click on "Panel" tab and click "Add web panel..."

Then enter these information below:

You may need to re-arrange the width of the panel and that's it!
On my case I set "View>Zoom" to 60% instead of normal 100% to fit more links into the narrow window.


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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Import and Export

Free your bookmarks and favorites from the browser!
You can now export your bookmarks(firefox) or favorites(IE) from your browser and dump it into only2clicks! Here is how you do it

Firefox users:

  1. Navigate to Bookmarks > Organize Bookmarks...
  2. Bookmark manager windows is displayed
  3. then click on File > Export
  4. Save your bookmark.html file and import them to only2clicks using import tools!

IE users:

  1. In Internet Explorer, click Add to Favorites, and then click Import and Export.
  2. In the Import/Export Wizard, click Next.
  3. Select Export Favorites, and then click Next.
  4. Click Favorites and then click Next.
  5. Select the Favorites folder that you want to export. If you want to export all Favorites, select the top level Favorites folder. Otherwise, select the individual folder that you want to export.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Note By default, Internet Explorer creates a Bookmark.htm file in your Documents folder. If you want to use a name other than Bookmark.htm, or if you want to store the exported Favorites in a folder other than the Documents folder, specify the new file and folder name.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Note If you already have a file that has the same name, Internet Explorer asks you to replace it. Click Yes to replace the file. Click No to provide a new file name.
  10. Import that file to only2clicks using Import tool.

Transfer to another only2clicks account

You can also export only2clicks bookmark and give it to some one else and voila you can transfer whole bookmark collection into another account!


Monday, October 8, 2007

Copy or move your links

It's been a week since we've launched bookmarklet.
Now it's time for update! But first of all I want to say thank you for valuable feedback so far.
Some of you might have have started with half dozen links on the "home" tab, but overtime your links has grown and you might have set another category to organize your links. Then you realized that the only way to move your links is by deleting existing one and create a new one in other category.

I am pleassed to say that edit menu is now expandable, you can select to copy, move or simply edit your links just like before.



Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Only2Clicks Bookmarklet

Add Only2Clicks Bookmarklet to your Bookmark Bar

Drag this link to your Bookmark Bar -------> Add to only2clicks

The Only2Clicks bookmarklet gives you a quick access to add site to Only2Clicks wherever you are
  • Add link directly to your category from anywhere
  • No need to visit only2clicks in the first place to add new links
  • Automatically pick up page title and URL

Firefox user:

To add the Only2Clicks Bookmarklet to your browser, simply drag the below link up to your Bookmark Bar

Drag this link to your Bookmark Bar -------> Add to only2clicks

Watch screencast how to do it

IE7 user:

IE users need to add the link below manualy to Favorite under "Links" folder

Right click,
add to Favorites under Links folder
-------> Add to only2clicks

Watch screencast how to do it

If you are still having problem using bookmarklet check how to enable cookies in your browser

Back to Home


Logging out

If you are accessing from internet cafe or public computers, We strongly advice you to logging out from the system after use simply by clicking on "change user" located on the top right hand side.


How to enable cookies

By default only2clicks always remember your session allowing you to access directly to your personalized homepage without re-login. To enable this feature you need to have cookies enabled in your browser, which is normally set by default.

For you who has problem with only2clicks remembering your account may need to check these following tips how to enable cookies in various browsers:

Mozilla Firefox 2.0 or earlier

Go to the "Tools" menu.
Select "Options".
Select the "Privacy" icon in the left panel.
Check the box corresponding to "Accept cookies from site".
Click "OK" to save changes.

Internet Explorer 6 & 7

In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button,
click Internet Options, and then click the Privacy tab.
Move the slider down to enable All Cookies.
Click “Apply” to save changes.

Alternatively you may click on Security tab
Click on Trusted sites
Click on “Sites” button
Add to the list of Websites:
Make sure the security level for this site is set to Medium or lower
Click “Apply” to save changes.


Click on the Safari-menu in Safari
Click on the Preferences... item in the menu - a new window opens
Click on the Security icon near the top of the window.
Under Accept Cookies the Always or Only from sites you navigate to must be selected.
Save changes by clicking Ok and go to one of the configuration pages again


Friday, September 21, 2007


Yesterday, I stumbled across site and found that Molly has made screencast for only2clicks! Today I want to share it with you. Some of new members might have seen it in our tour page.

Watch Screen Cast

Watch only2clicks screen cast

A shot video walkthrough

courtesy of

Enjoy! and many thanks Molly


Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Little Bit Of Help

Hacking the Search Box

Don't you know that you can personalized the search box by hacking the existing one?

For instance we provide you with "" search engine and you may want to create localized UK version.

Step 1: Add standard search box by choosing from pre-made selections. on this case "GOOGLE"

Step 2: Click on edit link to edit the search box

Step:3 Change under URL to and under actions="" to actions=""

Press "Submit" and Voila! Your own localized search box.

You can extend this further by hacking the html search form or change the image.
Happy Hacking!


Friday, July 27, 2007

Use your favorite image

A Small update for today, you can now use your favorite image with your links. Useful when you have links to your own webserver, local network or office intranet.
You can also replace default snap shot with your own image. Imagine having your kid's picture linked up to her or his blog.


Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Links open in a new tab

As requested by Quinton and Martin, We now have Preferences under "Profile" Where you can set behaviour of the links to open in a new window or tab.

When this is enabled, Firefox users by default have their links open in a new tab, but not if you are using IE7. Here is some tips to enable open in new tab behaviour in IE7, simply go to

Tools > Internet Options > Tabs > Settings

I am not sure what to do for Safari users, I know that you can do "Ctrl+click" to open links in a new tab.


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