While it focuses on simplicity, Only2Clicks is packed with features to help you become more productive and get more things done.


1. Drag and Drop

You can simply re-arrange icons by dragging and dropping them. Simple!

Drag and Drop


2. Special Search Icons

Everyday I start my browsing experience through various search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia, Google Image Search. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have all of our favorite search engines in one place? We invented one!

If you know a little bit about HTML , you can even hack the code and create your own favorite search engine.

Drag and Drop


3. Bookmarklet

Add links easily to Only2Clicks when browsing on other websites. I am sure you want to avoid the hassle of opening separate browser windows and manually cutting and pasting web address that you want to store in Only2Clicks. We want you to do it in less than 2 clicks! Learn More..



4. Import Bookmark

Got existing bookmark collections stuck in Firefox and Internet Explorer? Have you ever felt frustrated when your PC crashed and you lost your entire bookmark collection? Want to have a centralized bookmark location while at home or at the office?

Free your bookmark collection, store them online in Only2Clicks and make them accessible from any computer, any internet browser, anywhere in the world, or even from your iPhone!

Import Export


5. Export Bookmark

Backup your existing bookmarks in Only2Clicks using the export facility. Use it to transfer your bookmark collection into another account. Whatever you want to do with it, you have full control.


6 Skins

Change the look and feel instantly using only2clicks skins feature, you can also upload your own css file and create entire new skins to use.


7. iPhone and iPod interface

Special interface designed for iPhone and iPod Touch through only2clicks.com/iphone



7. Share your links in 2 simple steps

By creating public address for example http://www.only2clicks.com/pages/only2clicks you can share your links to your friends and family without the need of logging in. Simply choose a web address and begin sharing your categories.


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