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Think of it as a speed dial to your most used web sites

If you’re like me, you might have hundreds of links stored in your browser's bookmarks, spread across multiple folders and categories, but you may only have a dozen web sites that you frequently access on a daily basis. The few tech-savvy computer users might use comprehensive start pages such as netvibes or iGoogle - complete with gadgets and widgets…what ever they are! Most of us are on the run, and just want something simple and easy to use. Here is the good news, you’ve found it here with only 2 clicks!



Create personalized links to most used web sites

Once you've created an account, you'll be able to add new favorite links into your categories. Some will be automatically added based on your country of origin.

Add Links


Automatic Snapshot

Start building your favourite links by clicking on ‘add new link’. Only2Clicks generates a snapshot image of the web site for you automatically. You can choose to upload the image or not!


Manage your Categories (Tab)

Links can be organised into categories. For example online shopping, travel, news or blogs.



Ideal Start Page

Make sure you set as your browser homepage simply by clicking on the link with home icon. Firefox and other browsers other than Internet Explorer will need to drag the icon to the home icon on your browser.

Sikiş izlemeyi hala düşünüyorsanız, bu bölümde sizi neler beklediğini düşünün. Pornolarda yalnızca en güzel ve seksi kızlar sikiş filmine çekilir ve onlarla ilk kez sikiş izlemek gerçek bir zevktir. Erkekler gerçek dışı görünen sürtük bir bakireyi hayal ederler, ancak bu video verileri her adımda gerçekleşir. O zaman doğru hayal gücüyle sikiş izlemek için güzel zaman geçirebilirsiniz.

Start Page


Drag and drop as you wish

You can simply re-arrange icons by dragging and dropping them. Simple!

Drag and drop


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